B – Bomb

CHUMP – Chief of Uncleared Monroe Personnel

CSO – Component Surveillance Organization

DOD – Department of Defense

DOE – Department of Energy

DUMP – Department of Uncleared Monroe Personnel

EAP - Employee Assistance Program

EDX – Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy

ESB - Enhanced Security Building

ESD – ElectroStatic Discharge

FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation

GIPID – Government Issued Personal Identification

GS – General Schedule

GSA – General Services Administration

HE – High Explosive

HP – Health Physics

kV – kilo Volts

MOO – Monroe Operations Office

MP – Military Police

MSR – Maintenance Service Request

NTIS – National Technical Information Service

OPM – Office of Personnel Management

PGP – Professional Goal Plan

RTG – Radioisotopic Thermoelectric Generator

SEM – Scanning Electron Microscope

SRD – Secret Restricted Data

T – Tritium

TR - Trailer

TSA – Technical Safety Appraisal

VOC – Volatile Organic Compound

W – Warhead